16 October, 2023

Our Secondary School Prefects

Our Secondary School Prefects - Our Secondary School Prefects

I am delighted to announce the appointment of our Student Prefects for the new academic year 2023-24. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all 39 applicants who showed interest in becoming a Student Prefect. The selection process was highly competitive, and we commend each applicant for their enthusiasm and commitment to our School.


The Student Prefects have proven themselves to be excellent role models for their peers, consistently upholding our School's core values. Their commitment to academic excellence, leadership, and integrity has set them apart, making them ideal representatives of the student body. We congratulate each of the selected Student Prefects for their remarkable achievement. We have full confidence in their ability to fulfil their responsibilities with utmost professionalism and reliability.


Please join us in congratulating the selected Student Prefects for their well-deserved appointment. Let us support and encourage them as they embark on this important journey of leadership and service.


Congratulations to the following students who make up our Prefects.


Lead Prefects in Key Stage 5: Eileen Pansinger (13I) and Doeun Lee (13S) along with Jisoo Kim (13S) and Mattice Eloot (13B) Then there is, Lead Prefect Yoonsoo Min (12I) Risa Ono (12B) Heejeong Huh (12B) and Lucia Yun (12B).


In Key Stage 4: Lead Prefect, Dingyu Wang (11I) and Deputy Prefect, Hugh Donaldson (11I), Lead Prefect, Ellen Ma (10P) and Deputy Prefect, Jiwon Shim (10B).


Finally, in Key Stage 3: Lead Prefect, Moneshka Shibdoyal (9S) and Deputy Prefect, Lisa Huh (9S), Lead Prefect, Lilou Freund (8S) and Deputy Prefect, Jason Joy (8B), Lead Prefect, Anyu Wang (7B) and Deputy Prefect, Anika Shukla (7S).