16 October, 2023

University Fair

University Fair - University Fair

On Saturday 14 October, BISS held its annual University Fair on the Secondary campus. With over 50 universities in attendance – universities spanning the globe from Canada to Australia – the corridors on the ground floor were truly bustling.


Admissions representatives were thrilled with the level of openness members of our BISS community displayed, as well as the intelligence of the questions asked relating to programme offerings, career opportunities, and general fit. Students, in turn, had the exciting chance to meet face-to-face with representatives from their dream universities and attend break-out sessions led by the University of Leeds, the University of Rochester, and Oogie Art to gain further insight into application procedures and how to stand out as a uniquely qualified candidate.


Indeed, regardless of where students are in the university admissions process, whether they are a Year 13 student on the cusp of submitting their applications or a Year 6 or Year 10 student still figuring out the best pathways forward, there was much to be gained from attendance at our fair. For instance, university admissions representatives are not dark, ominous figures who lurk in the shadows. Rather, they are contagiously enthusiastic about matching their university needs to our students, and thus, more than happy to help our students create their ever-brighter futures. We at BISS thank all the universities in attendance at this wonderful event and look forward to further fruitful collaborations between our amazing community and our friends in admissions.


University Fair - University Fair