A Spooktacular Business-A Spooktacular Business-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
30 October, 2023

A Spooktacular Business

A Spooktacular Business-A Spooktacular Business-business cookies 2

In a thrilling twist to traditional learning, our IGCSE Business Studies students engaged in an exciting and educational Halloween-themed activity where they dived into the world of entrepreneurship, while embracing the spirit of the season.


The Halloween Cookie Decorating Activity challenged our students to understand and apply fundamental business concepts in a fun and hands-on manner. With plain cookies as their canvas, and an array of colorful royal icing, sprinkles and candy eyes at their disposal, students not only created spooky and delicious treats but also explored the intriguing concept of ‘added value’. They discovered how the act of decorating transformed plain cookies into delightful and marketable Halloween goodies.


Meanwhile, our IB Business Management learners delved into costing concepts by constructing balance sheets for their ‘sweet businesses’ and calculating break-even points. This exercise gave them a taste of the financial aspects of running a business, reinforcing the importance of cost analysis in entrepreneurship.


Our young entrepreneurs displayed creativity, collaboration and a keen business acumen, making this Halloween-themed Business Studies activity a resounding success. It not only inspired a love for learning but also underscored the practicality and relevance of business concepts in our everyday lives.


Congratulations to our enterprising students for a spook-tacular job!


A Spooktacular Business-A Spooktacular Business