15 November, 2023

Juilliard Drama Curriculum Specialist visits BISS Puxi

Aurea has had an action packed two days, leading two professional development sessions for staff, teaching classes in Year 3 and Year 9 and observing Drama lessons in Year 7 and year 10.

A highlight was a workshop for parents on Wednesday morning, when Aurea led a lesson from the Juilliard Creative Classroom based on the professional work Pss Pss by Compagnia Baccalà. It was fantastic to see parents working together, making creative choices, being expressive and sharing their work with each other – the same experiences that their children have within their Drama lessons!

Our collaboration with The Julliard School is not limited to the annual in-person visits – the performing arts team are in continual contact with our curriculum specialists to collaborate on professional development, subject development, curriculum and lesson planning and a whole host of other projects!