26 November, 2023

Key Stage 3 Drumming Showcase

A lively event was held in the Auditorium on Thursday 6 November. Our students across Key Stage 3 got into the groove as each form group took part in our annual Key Stage 3 Drumming Showcase. Students in Year 7 have been exploring Taiko drumming, our Year 8 students took on various techniques from the varied music of West Africa, and the Year 9 students performed some of the lively rhythms found in the Samba music of Brazil.

As students worked their way through the drumming unit this term, they not only learnt about the traditions of different musical cultures from across the world but had to practise working together as a team to perfect their final performances. Communication (both verbal and non-verbal) was an important part of this process.

Our Key Stage 3 students drummed up a storm to rave reviews from the audience and should be congratulated on a great ending to our unit. Well done, everybody!

Key Stage 3 Drumming Showcase-Key Stage 3 Drumming Showcase