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13 December, 2023

CISSA Football Season Review

CISSA Football Season Review - CISSA Football Season Review

The CISSA football season, from August to December, was a dynamic journey for 86 enthusiastic boys and girls who dedicated themselves to weekly training sessions. This spirited endeavour saw the teams engaging in exhilarating matches against various international schools, creating an arena for skill refinement and competitive growth. The season, not merely about goals and victories, became a holistic experience, fostering a profound understanding of the game.

Beyond the tactical aspects, the players embraced the opportunity to forge lasting connections with their peers. The camaraderie developed during practices and matches became integral to their footballing journey. As they navigated the challenges on the field, they also guided the nuances of teamwork and mutual support, encapsulating the essence of sportsmanship.

CISSA Football Season Review - CISSA Football Season Review

CISSA Football Season Review - CISSA Football Season Review

Equally significant was the emphasis on sports etiquette. The CISSA football season aimed to cultivate skilled players and well-rounded individuals who respect the game and their opponents. Learning the art of fair play and gracious competition became an intrinsic component of their training, contributing to the overall character development of the participants.

The grand culmination of the CISSA Football Season took place on 9 December, the CRE (Cross River Tournament), where teams from Pudong and Puxi finally met at a central location. As the teams convened at 06:45, there was an air of anticipation and excitement. The day marked the finale, and the teams embarked on a unique experience, dispersing to four locations around Shanghai. This diversified approach showcased the city's vastness and added an element of surprise and adventure to the closing festivities.

Amidst the cheers and passionate displays on the field, it's crucial to acknowledge the backbone of the CISSA football season – the coaches. Heartfelt gratitude extends to Mr. Duignan, Mr. King and Mr. Barker, whose unwavering support and guidance fuelled the players' journey. Special thanks go to those who stepped in, giving their time and energy including Ms. Osedume, Ms. West, Mr. Aidoo, Mr. Mizen and Mr. Hanoon.

The appreciation also extends to the weekly parent supporters, the unsung heroes who tagged along on bus rides to offer encouragement from the sidelines. Their presence exemplified the spirit of community that enriched the entire season.

As the curtain falls on the CISSA football season, the memories of goals, victories and the indomitable spirit of the players, coaches and supporters will linger on. The football festival was not just a sight to behold but a testament to the collective passion and dedication that made this season an unforgettable chapter in the BISS Lions sports programme.

GO Lions!