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10 December, 2023

Year 5 Greek Showcase

Year 5 Greek Showcase - Year 5 Greek Showcase

On Monday 11 December, the Year 5 children presented an exceptional showcase to a packed audience of parents, centred around the captivating world of ancient Greece. The event was a culmination of a DVC Week of dedicated research, collaboration and artistic exploration.

One of the highlights of the showcase was the captivating Greek dramas performed by the students. Timeless tales such as Pandora's Box, Arachne and Athena, and the legendary story of King Midas were brought to life. Their performances left the audience enthralled and showcased the children's dramatic talents and sense of humour!

The students' comprehensive knowledge of ancient Greece was on full display in their impressive research boards, where they presented their findings on various aspects of the civilisation. From philosophers and gods to famous historical figures, the children shared their insights with enthusiasm and confidence with their parents.

The artistic flair of the Year 5 students was evident in the stunning clay tiles they proudly exhibited. Each tile featured intricate Greek designs, showcasing the children's creativity and attention to detail. Accompanying these tiles were tealights adorned with modern blue and white designs.

The children also engaged in two art activities, further showcasing their artistic abilities. They created 3D temple pictures using watercolours and straws, adding depth and texture to their artwork. Additionally, they explored the art of Greek pottery, mirroring the techniques and styles of ancient Greek artisans in their designs.

Year 5 Greek Showcase - Year 5 Greek Showcase