28 November, 2023

Celebrating World Children's Day at BISS Puxi

Celebrating World Children's Day - Celebrating World Childrens Day

On Monday 20 November, The British International School Shanghai, Puxi celebrated World Children's Day. This UNICEF initiative holds special significance, as we at BISS Puxi strive to create an inclusive environment in which every child feels valued and empowered. The Sustainable Development Goals focused on this year – that of ‘Goal 4: Quality Education’ and ‘Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities’ – also resonate deeply with our commitment to promoting academic excellence and creating a community where diversity is celebrated.

Celebrating World Children's Day - Celebrating World Childrens Day

The day was marked by a series of meaningful activities that engaged our students and teachers alike. The vibrant sea of blue clothing worn by everyone in support of "Turn the World Blue" was a powerful visual representation of our collective dedication to the cause. Throughout the day and week ahead, students also participated in lessons designed to educate them about World Children's Day, UNICEF, and how these align with our school's values of respect and responsibility. These lessons provided an opportunity for our students to gain a deeper understanding of global citizenship and the importance of standing up for the rights of children worldwide.

Celebrating World Children's Day - Celebrating World Childrens Day

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the whole school photograph. Over 1000 students, from Pre-Nursery to Year 13, stood outside in the formation of the letters ‘WCD’. It was a sight to behold, symbolising our unity and solidarity in promoting the rights of every child. This activity also captured the spirit of togetherness and inclusivity that defines our school community, as without the support of the students and teachers, such an event would not be possible.

Throughout the World Children’s Day celebrations, it was heart-warming to witness the enthusiasm and engagement of our students. It reaffirmed their commitment to becoming empathetic, globally aware individuals who understand the value of equality and inclusivity. Through events like this, we not only educate our students academically, but also instil in them the virtues of compassion, empathy and social responsibility.

The celebration of World Children's Day was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on our students and reinforcing our school's unwavering commitment to promoting a culture of inclusivity and respect. As we reflect on this memorable day, we are reminded of the transformative power of education and the profound impact it can have in shaping a more equitable and compassionate world for all our children.