28 November, 2023

Creative Futures - Meet Joceline Ma

Creative Futures Joceline Ma-Creative Futures Joceline Ma-joceline

When did you graduate from BISS Puxi?

I graduated in 2022.

What were your IB subject choices at SL/HL?

My HL IB courses were Art, Mandarin A and English B. For my SL courses, I studied Maths and Business.

What valuable experiences did you take away from your time at BISS Puxi?

I was at BISS for 8 years and I have so many unforgettable memories. I met many great friends and learned a lot from IB Art which helped me to develop my academic career during my university studies.

How do you feel an international education shaped you and your future ambitions?

I think international education provided me with different types of courses for me to choose. This choice gave me an idea of what was the most suitable course for me to study at university. Moreover, the structure of the courses and extracurricular activities helped me to learn how to use my time wisely and be productive. Besides that, the people that surrounded me, both teachers and students, provided me with lots of positive energy that helped me to be ambitious and motivated me to work hard. This is one of the key factors for me in earning my place in womenswear at London College of Fashion after one year of study at foundation level.

What course are you now studying at university?

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

How have your experiences of university life been so far?

My first year of university was quite busy. It was tougher than I expected because I had to compete with over 200 people to earn a place to study womenswear/menswear because it's the school’s most popular major. However, I have met some amazing friends and learned a lot from the one year foundation study.

Would there be any advice you would give to students who may follow a similar path to you?

My advice would be that people who want to study art at university should take IB Art. Not just for meeting the requirements of a conditional offer, but also for learning skills that could be used at university such as writing art-related essays, portfolio skills and experimenting with different materials etc. Also, visit as many galleries and museums as possible because it could give you some inspiration and generate more innovative ideas.

How important is the portfolio and personal statement preparation for university applications?

In my opinion, applying to a university such as UAL, the portfolio is more important than the personal statement. For a course like fashion design, it requires more specific requirements, such as starting with a strong and dynamic introduction sheet that clearly shows the concept of your project. This should be followed by primary and secondary research using mixed media and drawings, including colour, palette and a fabric/texture page. Next, design development sheets that show both 2D and 3D experimentation process and research images to remind the audience of where your ideas came from. Lastly, creating initial line-ups consisting of 6-8 different looks considering both top and bottom garments are important.

What advice would you give to the next generation of creatives about education and their future ambitions?

My advice for the next generation of creatives is always concentrate on what you are passionate about, know what you want and use your own innovative ideas along with who you are. Also, create works that are personalised and have your own judgment about your own work, no matter if others appreciate it or not.