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07 December, 2023

Year 2 visit the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Centre

Year 2 Legoland-Year 2 Legoland-LEGO 3

Year 2 is thrilled to present a recap of our recent school trip to the Shanghai Legoland Discovery Centre—an adventure etched in our memories.

Our journey commenced with a bus ride to the heart of Shanghai, where the park awaited. The moment we arrived, towering Lego structures and statues depicting global landmarks welcomed us, captivating the children's excitement to explore.

Year 2 Legoland-Year 2 Legoland

Throughout the day, the children immersed themselves in a blend of entertaining and educational activities. The park boasted diverse themed areas, and some standout moments included:

- Building Workshops: Guided by experienced instructors, the children crafted their own Lego creations, unleashing their creativity.

- Rides: The park featured thrilling rides with Lego-inspired themes. Merlin’s ride saw the children travel up, up and away as they pedaled to ride even higher. Mr. Anderton definitely looked like he enjoyed this experience.

- Interactive Exhibits: Numerous interactive displays delved into science, history and technology, all through the medium of Lego bricks. One exhibit even transformed the day into a magical night with a 'Lego Shanghai' walk-through, complete with fireworks.

It was a day of fantastic learning, creativity, and sheer excitement. The children relished exploring Legoland, collaborating to craft their masterpieces. We trust they've shared their experiences with family at home.

A heartfelt thank you for entrusting us with the opportunity to take your children on this extraordinary journey.

Year 2 Legoland-Year 2 Legoland