04 December, 2023

Years 8 & 9 Spelling Bee

Years 8-9 Spelling Bee - Years 8-9 Spelling Bee

In a riveting competition that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, Swan Siwon Sun emerged as the victor, claiming the coveted first-place position. Her flawless spelling of the final word ‘liaison’ left everyone in awe. Congratulations also go to runners up Asmi Majumdar and Thomas Cavanagh-Lancaster, who both gave impressive performances.

The Spelling Bee event was organised with the primary objective of promoting and celebrating linguistic proficiency, spelling accuracy and academic excellence. Serving as a platform for students to enhance their vocabulary through healthy competition, the event also sought to build confidence and instil a sense of accomplishment amongst the participants. Standing in front of an audience to spell challenging words is a daunting task, and we are very proud of all students that took part.

Overall, the Spelling Bee offered a fun and engaging way to celebrate the linguistic talents of our students.