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22 January, 2024

IGCSE Ceremony

IGCSE Ceremony-IGCSE Ceremony-gcse cert

Last Wednesday, we held a special ceremony to recognise the achievements of the cohort of students who completed their IGCSE programme at the end of last academic year. This was an opportunity to reflect upon the significance of this educational milestone as well as to present their IGCSE certificates from the respective examination boards.

The event featured speeches from our Principal, Mr Andrew Lancaster; our Vice-Principal, Mr Andrew Joy as well as an address from two of our students, Emily Du and Matthew Yick. We were also treated to a piano performance by one of our Year 11 students, Candy Cheng, playing a piece by Claude Debussy.

While the students are well underway with their Year 12 programme, focusing on their International Baccalaureate Diploma, this event was a timely opportunity to reflect upon last year’s achievements. Students are able to gain confidence from the fact that they successfully completed an examination course and are now embarking on a programme with even more rigorous academic content.

Key Stage 4 is the term used to describe Years 10 and 11. It is a time of rapid intellectual, physical and social development during which students learn the skills and attitudes which enable them to face the challenges in Years 12 and 13. Marking the completion of this stage in their education helps to emphasise how our students’ development is shaped by hard work, good decision-making and expert guidance from their teachers – key understandings which are the cornerstones of success, moving forward.