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23 January, 2024

Celebrating Maths Appreciation Day

Maths Day-Maths Day-maths day group

On 19 January, the Primary School hosted an exciting Maths Appreciation Day. The day’s activities aimed to encourage the students to appreciate the fascinating world of mathematics.

The day started with an engaging discussion and presentation about where maths is used in in our daily lives, highlighting the omnipresence of the subject. Without maths, the world around us wouldn’t exist as we know it today since technology, engineering, medicine, etc. are all dependent on mathematical calculations! With this, the students gained a deeper understanding of the beauty and relevance of maths.

Our dedicated teachers took the opportunity to inspire and assure students that everyone possesses varying levels of maths understanding. This emphasis on inclusivity promoted a positive environment for learning maths; encouraging students to embrace their unique mathematical journeys.

Maths Day-Maths Day

The day further unfolded into a numerical delight with a range of activities:

First, a classroom maths quiz challenged students' mathematical prowess. It offered numerous benefits to learning maths, including the development of critical skills such as problem-solving, analytical thinking and reasoning. The quiz catered to the students’ different learning styles, and the competitive element motivated participation and engagement.
Next, the school prepared four different escape rooms where the students had to work in teams to solve maths challenges to access a code to unlock the door to free themselves! All the classes had a turn to visit the escape room and the students had a thrilling time using their problem-solving skills to solve the challenges. The collaborative teamwork of the escape rooms drew on the students’ successful use of individual maths skills and improved their communication through articulating their reasoning. The teamwork enhanced the students’ motivation, as the collective sense of achievement and shared responsibility contributed to a more engaging maths environment.

A maths bingo game added to the fun of the event while students further mastered the mathematical concepts. By incorporating this fun game into the day, we aimed to foster a positive attitude toward mathematics and promote active learning. The game of bingo encouraged students who are not self-confident in their skills to be enthusiastic, since the game was not only about solving problems but was also based on luck to get 4 dots in a row.

Furthermore, the students used the ICT devices in their classrooms to participate in online maths games which brought the subject to life in a dynamic and engaging way. The use of technology during the day enhanced accessibility to a variety of engaging mathematical activities and made the learning enjoyable. The games provided immediate feedback to students for prompt correction of mistakes and tailored the games to each student’s individual maths skills. The gamification elements such as rewards and achievements motivated the students to learn at their own pace.

The day included a homework activity for those inclined towards creativity. The students had the option to express their mathematical understanding in three different ways:

- Crafting their very own maths game.
- Exploring the lives of famous mathematicians or delving into their favourite maths concept to create posters.
- Filming a video to role play as a professor who teaches a class about a specific maths concept.

The homework activities will be put on display in the Primary School.

Beyond the numerical focus, the Maths Appreciation Day in the Primary School aimed to celebrate curiosity and exploration. The joy of learning was evident throughout the day, and the students gained a deeper appreciation of the world of mathematics. The event was not merely about numbers but a celebration of the multifaceted nature of maths.