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01 January, 2024

Meet the IB Academy Team

Our office of Higher Education and Careers Guidance incorporates our Five Pillars – Internationalism, STEAM, Performing Arts, Sport and Academic Achievement – asking our students to think critically about their experiences at BISS Puxi to refine their approach to a rapidly developing and unpredictable future. Maintaining a growth mindset is key.

In one-to-one meetings, counsellors ask students to consistently reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, both academic and extracurricular. We strongly encourage our students to view the IBDP curriculum holistically and contribute to ECAs such as our NAE UNICEF Summit, Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme, and Global Goals ECA, to name a few. Students also regularly take their passions and hobbies beyond campus – we provide a curated list of partnered and recommended summer programmes, research programmes, community service projects, online courses and readings.

There are no better people to explain higher education and careers guidance at BISS than our IB Academy Team and alumni. The professional expertise of our team is echoed in the personal stories of our alumni.