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17 January, 2024

Performing Arts Parent Info Session

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On Tuesday evening, with IGCSE and IB subject choices just around the corner for Year 9 and Year 11, the Music and Drama departments hosted a special parent event to give more information about what the Performing Arts look like after Year 9 at BISS. Often overlooked as academic subjects, Music and Drama offer a huge range of opportunities for students to build skills in communication, self-management, research and collaboration as well as fostering an understanding of world cultures and creative thinking abilities.

Both subjects at both IGCSE and IB level are also strong academic choices for all career paths that are acknowledged by universities and employers around the world for the blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge gained through the courses. During the event, parents were guided through an outline of the performing arts subjects curricula and assessments and how they evolve and develop from Year7 through to Year 13.

We were delighted to see so many parents and students join us for the event, and we hope they found the information valuable when making these important choices over the following months.