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11 January, 2024

Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi!

Building a supportive community for our families, right from the start.

At BISS Puxi, we believe in creating a nurturing and engaging environment for our young learners. We also recognise the value of supporting a child’s family. This is the reason why in January 2023, we developed our Stay and Play sessions for children from birth to 3 years. These sessions, held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am to 10:30am, offer a unique opportunity for children and their families to connect with our community while laying the foundations for a love of learning.

Welcoming Families to Shanghai!

For families new to Shanghai, our Stay and Play sessions serve as a warm welcome to both our school community and the vibrant city itself. It's an opportunity to connect with other families, share experiences and begin building a supportive network in this new environment.

Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi! - Stay and Play

Qualified Guidance

Our Stay and Play sessions are led by a fully qualified teacher, ensuring that each child receives expert guidance during their exploration. This dedicated professional is committed to creating a supportive and stimulating environment that encourages curiosity and growth.

Socialisation, Exploration and Extended Playtime for Young Minds

These sessions provide a fantastic opportunity for both parents and children to socialise with each other and with our school community. Young students have the chance to explore the setting at their own pace, encouraging a sense of independence and self-discovery. We deliberately give children and carers an extended amount of unstructured time to play, as this is extremely beneficial for their development. The group comes together at the end of each session for 10-15 minutes for some simple singing, musical activities and stories.

Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi! - Stay and Play

Exposure to English and EYFS Foundations

Our engaging resources and provision link directly to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), allowing children to build the essential foundations for future academic success. Through engaging activities and interactions, children develop language skills, cognitive skills, physical skills as well as emotional regulation. It is also an excellent opportunity for exposure to the English language.

Facilitating Transition to Little Lion Cubs

For children as young as 18 months, the transition into a school setting can be a significant step. Our Stay and Play sessions act as a seamless introduction to our Little Lion Cubs programme or Pre-Nursery, making the transition smoother for both children and parents. Visits to the older Early Years classes can be arranged for those children transitioning, helping to make their journey highly personalised.

Outstanding Facilities

Stay and Play takes place in the centre of our Early Years department in a beautiful, purpose designed classroom with access to our Early Years Garden. We usually create a cosy corner suitable for younger babies with carpets and soft furnishings. There is a designated room for baby changing and breastfeeding. Every Tuesday, families are also welcome to visit our Early Years Library and enjoy our wide selection of age-appropriate books.

Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi! - Stay and Play


From the start, we wanted our sessions to be convenient and accessible. Our sessions are completely free and there is no obligation to register or sign up in advance. We understand that it can be hard to plan ahead with little ones, so families can drop in as and when it suits them. Our only requirement is that the child is a foreign passport holder.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join our Stay and Play sessions at BISS Puxi!

Join our Stay and Play Sessions at BISS Puxi! - Stay and Play

Victoria Creissen BSc is a qualified Early Years Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist who has been working internationally across schools in China. Victoria graduated with a first-class honour’s degree from the University of Birmingham, working as a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist prior to embarking on her International Teaching journey. She is currently our dedicated ‘Stay and Play’ teacher at The British International School Puxi, Shanghai, China.