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14 January, 2024

Year 10 Health Talk

Year 10 Health Talk - Year 10 Health Talk

On Thursday, our Year 10 pupils had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Bruce, an expert in health and puberty education from Shanghai United Family Hospital, for an insightful and engaging session. The anticipation buzzed through the air as the students, both girls and boys in separate sessions, eagerly gathered to delve into the mysteries of adolescence and well-being under the guidance of a professional.

Dr. Bruce's credentials preceded him, and the students were captivated by his wealth of knowledge and experience. With a friendly demeanour and an approachable attitude, Dr. Bruce created an inclusive atmosphere that encouraged students to ask questions and openly discuss topics related to puberty and health.

The session began with an exploration of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty. Dr. Bruce skillfully navigated through the often sensitive and sometimes perplexing aspects of this developmental stage. With age-appropriate explanations and a touch of humour, he helped demystify the changes students might be experiencing or soon encounter.

Beyond the physical changes, Dr. Bruce emphasised the importance of maintaining overall health and well-being during adolescence. He provided valuable insights into nutrition, exercise and the significance of mental health, equipping the students with practical tips for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

One of the highlights of the session was the open forum for questions. Dr. Bruce created a safe space for students to ask anything on their minds, ensuring that curiosity was met with accurate information and understanding. The Q&A session fostered a sense of trust and openness, allowing students to address their concerns without hesitation.

Dr. Bruce's visit was not just an informative session; it was an opportunity for empowerment. Armed with a deeper understanding of puberty and health, the Year 10 pupils left the session with newfound confidence to navigate this transformative period in their lives. The visit reminded them that the journey through puberty is a shared experience and knowledge is a powerful tool in embracing this phase of life.

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Bruce and Shanghai Family United Hospital for their invaluable contributions to our students' education. His visit not only provided crucial information but also fostered a culture of open dialogue and understanding. We look forward to building on this foundation of knowledge and creating an environment where our students can confidently navigate the exciting journey of adolescence and prioritise their health and well-being.


Year 10 Health Talk - Year 10 Health Talk