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06 February, 2024

BISS Immerses in CNY Celebrations

As educators, we recognize the profound learning benefits that come from embracing cultural celebrations such as Chinese New Year within our international school community here in China. Beyond the glittering festivities and vibrant traditions, this annual event offers invaluable opportunities for our students to deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and enhance their global perspectives.

First and foremost, by immersing ourselves in the customs and rituals of Chinese New Year, we provide our students with an immersive cultural experience. Through hands-on activities, storytelling, and engaging discussions, students gain insight into the significance of this auspicious occasion, fostering respect and appreciation for the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage.

Moreover, celebrating Chinese New Year with the wider community extends the learning beyond the classroom walls. By inviting local residents, families, and businesses to join our festivities, we create a dynamic platform for cultural exchange. Students have the chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds, sharing traditions, stories, and experiences, thus cultivating empathy, tolerance, and intercultural understanding.

Furthermore, the celebration of Chinese New Year offers a gateway to exploring broader themes such as the lunar calendar, mythology, and traditional arts. From dragon dances to calligraphy workshops, students engage in interdisciplinary learning experiences that deepen their knowledge and spark their curiosity about the world around them.

In essence, the learning benefits of embracing Chinese New Year extend far beyond the celebration itself. By fostering cultural appreciation, promoting community engagement, and nurturing global citizenship, we equip our students with the skills and insights they need to thrive in our interconnected world.