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05 February, 2024

MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants!

MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants! - MIT Challenge Build Better Plants

This term, the Primary School students enthusiastically embraced the MIT Challenge: Build Better Plants! The challenge centred around designing plants equipped to thrive in the face of climate change scenarios. The initiative aimed not only to cultivate scientific curiosity but also to instil a sense of responsibility towards our planet in our young minds.

The event began with the launch, spanning from 29 January to 2 February. Throughout this week, the students immersed themselves in a world of botanical wonders, engaging in hands-on experiments, captivating demonstrations, meticulous plant dissections, and keen observations. The launch served as a catalyst, sparking enthusiasm and curiosity among the students, setting the stage for the upcoming challenge.

On 5 February, the school buzzed with creativity and scientific ingenuity as each child rose to the occasion during the MIT Challenge. Tasked with designing plants resilient to the challenges posed by climate change, every participant showcased remarkable creativity and a profound understanding of environmental issues. The atmosphere was vibrant with the energy of discovery and learning, reinforcing our commitment to fostering not only academic excellence but also a profound awareness of the world around us. Kudos to our young scientists for their outstanding contributions – a testament to their passion for learning and making a positive impact on our ever-changing planet.