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05 February, 2024

Top New York Trombonist Visits BISS!

Top Trombonist Visits BISS-Top Trombonist Visits BISS-brian drye

In January, BISS Puxi was delighted to welcome Brian Drye to the school. Brian is BISS Puxi’s Juilliard Music Curriculum Specialist. He spent two days with BISS staff and students and focused on providing professional development to the members of the Music Department.

Who is Brian Drye?

Brian is a trombonist, pianist and teaching artist from Brooklyn NY. His debut as a leader was hailed as “one of the best introductions to a new band” by The New York Times. Brian has spent the last two decades exploring and performing the vast array of music that is available in the NYC area which includes Jazz, Rock, Funk, Salsa, Gospel, Reggae, Balkan, Pakistani, Mexican, Haiian, Brazilian Forro and Klezmer. Brian is currently taking a hiatus from his role in the Tony Award-winning musical Hadestown. He spent his formative years touring with groups such as Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Paul Anka and The Four Tops. In 2008, he developed a performance and rehearsal space, Ibeam, in Brooklyn which has become a home for the creative music scene there.

For over fifteen years, Brian has been a teaching artist for Carnegie Hall and numerous arts organisations, where he has worked across the city in partnerships with public schools, detention centres, homeless shelters and community programmes. He has developed curriculum and resources for the Well Music Institute and for the past ten years has served on the faculty at the Music Educators Workshop which supports NYC music teachers. In 2017-2019, Brian was a guest lecturer at Lincoln Centre Education Summer Institute where he collaborated with teaching artists from around the world, representing many artistic disciplines. Brian is also the programme director of the community music school Brooklyn Conservatory of Music where he oversees lessons, classes, curriculum and ensembles for students of all ages.

What does Juilliard mean at BISS Puxi?

Performing Arts is one of our Five Pillars. The Juilliard partnership is seen in Music, Dance and Drama. All students at BISS Puxi have access to the Juilliard partnership.

Our Juilliard collaboration is a thought partnership with colleagues at Juilliard University, New York. The Juilliard Team has devised a programme for all learners at NAE to allow students to have access to a high-quality performing arts programme.

The Juilliard Team works with the BISS School Lead, the Performing Arts Heads of Department and the Performing Arts staff to develop their curriculums to allow the following aspects:

• Success for all
• Active and exploratory learning
• Inquiry and reflection
• Igniting creativity
• Meaningful encounters

We also use different 'core works' to allow students to access and learn about professional performing artists to allow them to understand a world outside the classroom and to view performing arts in a different way.

When are students taught music at BISS Puxi?

All students from Pre-Nursery to Year 9 are exposed to Juilliard Music within their Music lessons.

How has Brian’s visit impacted the students at BISS Puxi?

Brian has delivered two demonstration lessons with our students and connected with a large number of students when he observed the Music teachers deliver a Juilliard lesson. Brian has also worked with our Senior Leadership Team to ensure that high music provision is provided for all learners.

How often are Juilliard Music visits scheduled?

Juilliard Music visits are scheduled twice per year. One visit is virtual, and one is in person.