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07 March, 2024

Art Challenge - World Ocean Day

Art Challenge - World Ocean Day - Art Challenge - World Ocean Day

Our artists were eager to participate in this term's Art Challenge, which focused on the Global Campus Art Competition in honour of World Ocean Day. The theme of the challenge is particularly relevant as we face the urgent threat of the climate crisis, which poses a grave danger to our planet's oceans and its diverse inhabitants. Recognising the crucial link between a healthy ocean and a healthy climate, we emphasise the need for decisive action at all levels – local, national and international – from government and corporate leaders.

In this challenge, we chose to address one of the prominent threats to our oceans: plastic pollution. As a school community, we collected plastic to recycle and incorporate into our artwork. Prior to the challenge, our artists were tasked with developing preliminary designs based on a specific brief that included visual references, artist inspirations and colour schemes.

Art Challenge - World Ocean Day - Art Challenge - World Ocean Day

During the first day of the challenge, students utilised the design cycle to refine their ideas and explore different creative approaches. Each student was provided with a 60cm round canvas, requiring them to carefully consider scale and media choices for the success of their design. They started by creating a colour base in shades of blue and green to evoke the essence of the ocean. Using their initial sketches as a guide, they enlarged and transferred their designs onto the canvas with meticulous paintwork using acrylic markers, demonstrating skill and patience.

On the second day, the students continued to embellish their artworks with patterns and details inspired by oceanic or underwater themes. They also began integrating carefully sculpted and layered plastic elements into their final pieces.

We invite you to visit the Secondary Reception to witness the incredible and meaningful artworks created by our talented students.