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18 March, 2024

Renowned Author, Sarah Roberts, Visits BISS

Renowned Author, Sarah Roberts, Visits BISS - Renowned Author Sarah Roberts Visits

Internationally acclaimed author Sarah Roberts, known for her inspiring book "Somebody Swallowed Stanley", graced the halls of BISS Puxi for an enriching two-day visit. During her stay, Sarah captivated students with tales of her remarkable journey, which included thrilling encounters with sharks and grizzly bears. Echoes of ‘Woah!’ and ‘Wow!’ filled Stage One with each year group experiencing an incredible introduction to Sarah’s career as an eco-journalist with a step into the wild through her videos.

Sarah’s visit was marked by a series of engaging workshops tailored to different age groups. Younger students were treated to captivating readings of her books, immersing them in the world of environmental conservation and the importance of recycling. She emphasised the significance of responsible waste management, urging students to wash plastic before discarding it into the recycling bin—a simple yet impactful habit for preserving our planet.

For Key Stage 2 students, the highlight of Sarah’s visit was the glimpse into her adventurous life working with marine predators. Through compelling videos and firsthand accounts, she transported students into the depths of the ocean, where they witnessed her encounters with sharks. From heart-stopping moments such as her shark bite incident to awe-inspiring footage of her interactions with grizzly bears, Sarah’s stories left a lasting impression on the young minds, igniting a sense of curiosity and respect for the natural world. Rhymes to remember were offered by Sarah with her teaching of brown bears and grizzly bears.

"Meeting Sarah Roberts was an extraordinary experience for our students, she offered them an insight into an adventurous career, while showcasing the fun from writing her own stories. Her passion for environmental conservation and her daring adventures resonates deeply with our school's values of curiosity and courage. Through her stories, she not only entertained but also inspired our students to become conscientious global citizens.”

Miss Amy Barr, Head of Primary English

Sarah’s visit not only enriched the curriculum; linking with STEAM topics across several year groups, but also sparked conversations about environmentalism and wildlife conservation within the school community. By sharing her gripping narratives and invaluable insights, she empowered students to recognise their role in protecting the planet and encouraged them to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

As the curtains closed on Sarah Roberts' visit, her legacy continued to echo through the corridors of BISS Puxi, reminding students that each of us has the power to make a difference - one story, one action at a time.