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18 March, 2024

Year 5 Space Showcase

Year 5 Space Showcase - Year 5 Space Showcase

The DVC Centre was abuzz with excitement on Friday afternoon, as Year 5 students took centre stage at the highly anticipated Space Showcase. The event showcased the remarkable work and learning undertaken by these young enthusiasts in their exploration of outer space.

All students embarked on a journey to research and understand the lives of famous astronauts, presenting their work as collaborative fact files about people such as Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride and Valentina Tereshkova. The children very much enjoyed sharing their learning with their parents.

The Year 5 children also took on the role of journalists, creating news reports featuring interviews with famous astronauts, which were shown on the screens and smart boards in the DVC Centre. Their creativity and attention to detail were commendable as they brought the experiences of these space explorers to life through their engaging reports.

Year 5 Space Showcase - Year 5 Space Showcase

The students investigated alien soil samples for signs of extraterrestrial life forms. Equipped with magnifying glasses and scientific curiosity, they carefully examined the samples and documented their findings. Finally, they showcased their engineering skills by designing their own rockets. With expert guidance from Mr. Calum Barker, they carried out a rocket experiment on the playground. This was a favourite activity during the showcase as parents marvelled at the children demonstrating ‘blast off!’

Excited chatter filled the air during the showcase, as the children proudly shared their accomplishments with their families. The parents were also treated to delicious space cookies which were decorated with sweet, alien space icing! From the captivating presentations to the mesmerising rocket launches, the event was a testament to the hard work, dedication and steps to success that the students had undertaken throughout their space exploration journey, with the guidance of their teachers.

The Year 5 Space Showcase was a resounding success, leaving both students and parents with a renewed appreciation for the wonders of outer space. It served as a testament to the power of hands-on learning and the limitless potential of young minds when given the opportunity to explore the cosmos.