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17 April, 2024

2024 BISS Film Awards

The 2024 BISS Film Awards - 2024 BISS Film Awards

Lights, camera, action! The 2024 BISS Film Awards (BFAs) took place on Friday 12 April, leaving the audience spellbound with the cinematic artistry showcased by our student filmmakers.

This year saw our Film and Media students deliver outstanding pieces that captivated the imagination and left a lasting impact. The show featured Year 9 and Year 12 Film Challenge work, where groups worked together to make either a narrative or documentary on the topic of digital connectedness.

We also showcased music videos, TV adverts and fantasy dramas from Year 11. The final part of the show was our Year 13 Showcase, which included documentaries, horror films and the year group’s final collaorative film A Short Story of Revenge.

After an audience vote, the documentary Kenny MC received the coveted Best Film award. The film explores the music of our of our talended Year 13 students and was a deserving winner. Congratulations to Miguel Pedroza and Lucy Au, who collaborated on the film and for whom the award reflected their excellent progress on the IB Film course.

Year 11’s Eric Xing was winner of the Best Non-Video NEA prize for his magazine design, while Taeran Yun earned Best Video NEA for her series of TV adverts for a mental health charity.

Each film presented at the show was a testament to the dedication and passion of its creators and the enthusiastic audience thoroughly enjoyed the work featured.

Rus Ekkel
Head of Film and Media