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11 April, 2024

Year 2 Farm Visit

Year 2 Farm Trip - Year 2 Farm Visit

Year 2 embarked on a captivating six-week journey to Evergreen Farm, immersing themselves in hands-on agricultural experiences. The programme aimed to educate students about farming practices, foster appreciation for nature, and cultivate essential life skills.

Week 1: Preparing Soil
During the first week, the students enthusiastically engaged in preparing the soil for planting. They learned about soil composition, the importance of nutrients, and the significance of proper soil cultivation techniques. Through hands-on activities such as digging and adding compost, the children laid the foundation for a successful growing season.

Week 2: Planting Seeds
In the second week, the focus shifted to planting seeds. Year 2 students eagerly embraced the opportunity to sow vegetable seeds. Guided by the farmer, they learnt about seed depth, spacing and optimal planting conditions. This experience ignited their curiosity about the plant life and the magic of germination.

Week 3: Watering Our Plants
Week 3 centered on the vital task of watering the newly planted seeds. Students diligently cared for their crops, understanding the crucial role water plays in plant growth and development. Through observation and hands-on watering sessions, they gained insights into plant hydration needs and the importance of maintaining soil moisture levels.

Year 2 Farm Trip - Year 2 Farm Visit

Week 4: Weeding and Goat Feeding
During the fourth week, the students actively participated in weeding the garden beds, ensuring optimal growing conditions for their plants. Additionally, they had the unique opportunity to feed weeds to the farm's goats, learning about sustainable farming practices and the concept of natural pest control. This hands-on experience fostered a deeper connection to both the garden and the farm animals.

Week 5: Watering Our Plants
Continuing their gardening journey, the students dedicated the fifth week to further nurturing their plants through regular watering. Building upon their knowledge from previous weeks, they honed their watering skills, understanding the importance of consistency and moderation in irrigation practices.

Week 6: Harvesting
The culminating week was filled with excitement as students harvested the fruits of their labour. With great pride, they gathered fresh vegetables from the garden, marvelling at the results of their hard work and dedication. To celebrate their accomplishments, the children took their vegetables home for dinner, savoring the delicious flavours of their homegrown produce.

Additional Activities
Throughout the six-week programme, the students relished in the opportunity to interact with the farm's animals, including goats and other livestock. Outdoor playtime provided moments of joy and exploration, further deepening their connection to the natural world.

Year 2's farm visit was a resounding success, providing students with invaluable experiential learning opportunities. Through hands-on activities, they gained practical skills, cultivated a deeper understanding of agriculture, and developed a profound appreciation for nature's wonders. The memories and lessons learned during this immersive experience will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on their lives.