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29 April, 2024

Year 9 MFL French Trip

Year 9 French Trip - Year 9 MFL French Trip

Year 9 students and a very brave Year 12 embarked on a new adventure on the 25 April. Accompanied by two members of the French department, they explored the Former French Concession around Fuxing Park to discover the history and some of the stories of the time when the French thought they could, perhaps settle, in Shanghai.

With their detective hats on and in small groups, they were accompanied by professional historian detectives from the French Company Arcade, led by Ms Clarisse le Guernic. The students ventured into the streets of 1930s Shanghai, following clues, discovering facts, and taking pictures of historical landmarks. The competition was on! Which group would finish first? Who would uncover the plot? This time was also the year for double agents and super spies - say no more!

The weather was remarkably beautiful and warm. A gentle breeze carried the smell of flowers in full bloom in this romantic historic setting. The trees affirmed their presence with their caring shadows, and the plane trees reminded all that spring was in the air. Together in their teams and speaking French, the students concentrated on their tasks, but also had a good look around and took some pictures, enjoying a relaxing French-themed day out. Learning about finding their way around with a paper map, solving clues and completing tasks, walking around in the sunshine, hunger started to settle.

After the distribution of prizes, it was time to regain the comfort of the safe transport to a new culinary experience. French Food Matters was established in 2007 and La Crêperie was their first concept with the idea of sharing authentic cuisine from Brittany in the northwest of France. In ‘La crêperie’ Mr. Luc D’agostino, regional manager of French Food Matters, warmly welcomed our hungry students and, with his professional team, settled them quickly in a cozy and comfy corner of the restaurant. Some students could see some of the chefs already at work, while Mr. D’Agostino ensured that every detective’s palatable fancy had been attended to. The delicious crêpes appeared, and the students’ faces were lit by the prospect of finally enjoying fine French cuisine.

Time to go home: the return journey was smooth, restful and relaxed thanks to our super school bus driver who navigated swiftly and safely through the traffic, making it back to school by 3pm. Surprise: with time to spare, we managed to conclude our trip by playing a fun game or two of ‘Pétanque’ on the front lawn of the school. Friendly competition, mixed and fun, to end our experience as a truly French day. After that, back to ECAs, buses or sports practices. lighthearted and happy.

I would like to thank everyone at school who supported my trip organisation, the parents who supported their children allowing them to attend the trip, and most of all, the students themselves, who came along and participated enthusiastically. Emily Du, who participated as one of the detective activity leaders, did a fantastic job guiding her group and supporting their French while solving clues.