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14 June, 2024

Secondary Activities Week

Year 7 Residential to Heking and Xiamen

The Year 7 residential trip was a resounding success, offering students a rich blend of educational and recreational activities. From exploring Tulou architecture to crafting bows and arrows, making food and tea, and engaging in exciting water activities, the students gained valuable skills, knowledge and memories. The trip not only enhanced their learning but also fostered personal growth and strengthened peer relationships.

One of the highlights of the trip was the exploration of Tulou architecture. The students delved into the history and significance of this unique architectural style, known for its communal living spaces. They not only learnt about the art of Tulou architecture but also had the opportunity to experience part of the building process. This hands-on activity was both educational and engaging, allowing students to connect with the cultural heritage in a meaningful way.

In addition to architectural exploration, the students engaged in the craft of making their own bows and arrows. This activity was met with great enthusiasm as students learnt new skills and enjoyed the process of creating something with their hands. The experience fostered creativity and provided a sense of accomplishment.

The students also had the chance to make their own food and tea, which added a delightful culinary dimension to the trip. These activities were not only enjoyable but also educational, as students learnt about traditional food preparation and the cultural significance of tea-making.

The water activities were a major highlight of the trip, providing endless fun and excitement. The students participated in stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking, which were both challenging and rewarding. A particularly popular activity was the competition of grabbing water balls, which added a competitive and playful element to the water sports. Many students successfully stood on the paddleboard, completing their entire SUP journey with great enthusiasm.
Despite the initial challenges posed by the weather, the students displayed resilience and enthusiasm, making the trip a memorable and enriching experience for all.

Ms Cuixia Wu – Year 7 Leader

Year 8 Residential Trip - Unforgettable Adventures in Yangshuo

Our recent Year 8 trip to Yangshuo, China, with 78 enthusiastic students, was an extraordinary adventure filled with action and growth. Nestled amidst the stunning Karst geological landscape, Yangshuo provided the perfect backdrop for activities that pushed students beyond their comfort zones, fostering resilience, teamwork and determination. River tracing emerged as the unanimous favourite, while rock climbing, exploring mystical limestone caves, and the exhilarating ziplining and abseiling challenges were met with enthusiasm and bravery.

The kayaking experience allowed students to enjoy the scenic beauty of Yangshuo's rivers while learning new skills. In the evenings, the students showcased their creativity during a talent show around the campfire and enjoyed exploring Western Street for a delightful shopping experience. These activities not only tested their limits but also brought the group closer together, building lasting memories and friendships.

Cultural immersion was subtly woven into our adventure, with students experiencing local cuisine and the breathtaking landscape of Yangshuo. As one student aptly put it, "The best trip ever!"

We are incredibly proud of our Year 8 students for their courage, resilience and the bonds they formed during this remarkable trip.

Mrs. Chloe Armstrong – Year 8 Leader

Year 9 Residential to Dunhuang

Our Year 9 students embarked on an enriching journey to Dunhuang, Gansu. They explored the Mogao Grottoes, where they marvelled at ancient murals and learnt about the Silk Road's historical significance. The hands-on facsimile murals workshop allowed them to express their artistic talents and appreciate the craftsmanship of ancient artists.

The adventure continued with a hike through the Gobi Desert, where the students displayed remarkable teamwork and resilience. They participated in a desert survival workshop, learning essential skills like extracting water from vegetation. A tree planting project also gave each student the opportunity to contribute to combating desertification, leaving a lasting positive impact.

Adding to the excitement, the students enjoyed the thrill of desert sand sliding, an activity that had everyone laughing and cheering, especially at some of the unique methods of descending down the sand dunes. The BBQ campfire experience was a highlight, with delicious food, lively conversations and a night sky full of fireworks creating unforgettable memories. Camel riding at the Crescent Spring offered a unique perspective of the stunning desert landscape, blending fun with a sense of adventure.

Our culinary experiences in Dunhuang offered a delicious taste of local culture, with the students enjoying a variety of unique dishes. Throughout the trip, they gained a deep appreciation for the history and culture of the region. This journey was a blend of learning, adventure and cultural immersion, providing our students with unforgettable memories and new perspectives.

An unforgettable week with an amazing cohort of students.

Mr. Jack Armstrong – Year 9 Leader

Year 10 Residential - Exploring the Rich Culture of Dali, Yunnan: A Journey of discovery for Year 10 Students

Our Year 10 students immersed themselves in a world of ancient Bai traditions and scenic wonders last week in Dali, Yunnan province. From the lush green fields to the architectural marvels, they experienced a diverse range of activities that expanded their horizons during the 5-day residential trip.
Cycling along the scenic shores of Erhai Lake and trekking 18km on the challenging slopes of the Cangshan Mountains, the students embraced outdoor team-building activities that pushed their physical and mental limits. These challenges not only revealed the beauty of the landscape but also uncovered the resilience within themselves.

Throughout the week, the students were exposed to the artistry of the local community, visiting famous landmarks, trying their hand at tie-dyeing, crafting unique handkerchiefs, and moulding clay figurines. A tea culture journey led them to pluck their own tea leaves and savour the flavours under the guidance of a seasoned tea master, bringing some of this special harvest back home with them.

The river tracing activity provided insights into Dali's geographical wonders and history, pushing Year 10 students to challenge their limits as they tripped, slipped and got back on their feet and built resilience that they would not have been able to build within the four walls of the classroom.
Here are some testimonies from our Year 10 students as we ended the trip last week:

As the sun set on their unforgettable journey, a memorable BBQ dinner and campfire brought the trip to a close, fostering bonds of friendship and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Ms Doshila Neergheen - Year 10 Leader

Year 12 Residential to Malaysia

Year 12 students embarked on an enriching CAS trip to Malaysia. Their destination was Kota Kinabalu, where a vibrant week awaited them, filled with diverse activities.

From thrilling water sports such as SUP, snorkelling and river rafting to immersive cultural experiences including visits to local landmarks such as the floating mosque, the itinerary promised a dynamic blend of adventure and learning. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to visit a local university and engage with the local community through service projects at Sekolah Kebangsaan Rangalau Lama, where students taught languages, arts and crafts, dance and sports to eager students. Particularly noteworthy was the commitment of the OMOL group students, who pledged to continue their service efforts upon returning to school, fundraising for and sending care packages to the school.

Throughout the trip, the students bonded through team challenges, including scavenger hunts and team-building activities, fostering camaraderie and collaboration. Amidst travels on planes, buses and 4x4 trucks, the students indulged in moments of joy, singing and enjoying karaoke sessions. Their accommodation at the Hilton hotel provided comfort and excellent amenities, complemented by culinary explorations of local Malaysian cuisine, especially seafood.

As they bid farewell to Malaysia, the students left with cherished memories, strengthened bonds, and a deepened appreciation for cultural immersion and service.
Ms Janice Lyke - IB Pastoral Lead