Ajay Kumar Shukla

Secondary Science Teacher
Ajay Kumar Shukla - Ajay Kumar Shukla

Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech, B.Ed

I have 13 years of teaching experience, holding a variety of roles. I've served as a Grade Coordinator, Housemaster, and Science Teacher and IBDP/IGCSE Physics Teacher. In the past, I've taken on responsibilities as a lead invigilator for school examinations and had the privilege of serving as an IA, EE, and CAS supervisor to support DP students. In these roles, I've had the opportunity to nurture and encourage students, fostering their participation in different events and enhancing their academic learning experiences with support of pastoral care for their well-being.

I love learning and enjoy sharing knowledge with my students. Teaching school students is especially rewarding due to their natural curiosity. Seeing my students and their parents respect and succeed is gratifying. My love of Science and Physics drives me to continue learning and sharing, making my teaching experience truly enjoyable.