Louise King

Head of Special Educational Needs
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MA (Hons), PGCE

I have experience of teaching children aged 2-18 in top tier schools in Scotland, London, Dubai and Shanghai. I gained rich managerial expertise through various leadership experiences including as manager of theatre productions and school events, Year Leader, Literacy Coordinator, and Head of English and Drama, as well as Head of Drama and Geography.

I am committed to adopting proactive approaches to delivering effective and inspirational teaching programmes in The Achievement Centre, which result in high standards and full engagement for pupils with SEN and enrichment requirements. I work to ensure a whole school, collaborative and inclusive approach to teaching special educational needs with child well-being and happiness at the core.

I enjoy working with students to encourage them to be proud of their strengths, individuality and uniqueness - and all this brings to the inclusive classroom. I enjoy using assessment as learning strategies to move forward students’ learning as active participants and ensuring their pupil voice is heard.