Shultana Ali

Year 1 Teacher

BA (Hons), QTS

I have taught in Shanghai for the past three years as a Year 1 and Year 2 Class Teacher. Previous to this, I taught in England; London for a few years as a Year 1 Teacher and in Brighton as an Early Years (Reception) Teacher, Year 1 Teacher and Years 3 and 4 Teacher. I am very experienced with nine years as a fully qualified teacher and fourteen years of experience in the classroom. I enjoy teaching all the curriculum subjects (English, Maths and STEAM). I am a passionate teacher who enjoys empowering children to grow holistically (physically, intellectually/academically, emotionally and socially). I love seeing children being persistent and working hard on their goals. It is a pleasure to see them achieve their goals after great effort and time; seeing them full of joy with increased self-esteem and confidence.