Bradley Rowley

Mathematics Teacher

Bradley is a skilled Mathematics teacher with extensive teaching experience across Canada, Taiwan, and Mainland China. He holds a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Mathematics and Social Studies, which has provided him with a strong foundation in both subjects and pedagogy. Over the course of his career, he has played a significant role in creating inquiry-based resources and assessments in both subject areas, aligned with various frameworks and standards. These have led to consistently high levels of student achievement in summative assessments.

Bradley possesses a unique skill set that has helped shape his approach to teaching mathematics. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing students with a holistic and enriching educational experience. His passion for teaching and dedication to academic excellence have inspired students to develop their mathematical abilities and become critical thinkers.

Outside the classroom, Bradley’s love for cooking allows him to connect with others through food, while his fondness for travel, especially motorcycle trips, offers a sense of adventure and exploration. Along with his educational background, extensive teaching experience, innovative approach to curriculum development, and dedication to academic excellence, he has made a significant impact on the learning outcomes of his students and his school communities as a whole.