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JOINing our family


We have a close community at the British School of Guangzhou, where our teachers and staff will get to know your child very well – and will warmly welcome your family into our international circle every day. Your child will feel connected to their teachers, who are at the heart of ensuring their care and happiness.

We look forward to seeing you at BSG and welcoming you.
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For your child to join us, please follow the process below to apply.
Make an enquiry
Submit an online enquiry form on our website, send us an email, or give us a call. We’ll get back to you in typically less than 24 hours.
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Step 1
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Discover our school
The best way to experience our school is to visit us, so please let us know your availability, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We’re looking forward to answering all your questions and welcoming your family.
Step 2
Apply for a place
You’ll submit your online application form. Our admissions team will then contact you for supporting documents (passport copies, past school reports, and a signed conditions and declarations form) and the application fee.
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Step 3
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Take a pre-entry assessment
We’ll arrange for your child to sit for a pre-entry assessment. If you’re based overseas, we’ll request school reports, references, and online assessments as needed.
Step 4
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Review our decision
Upon completion of the assessment and receipt of supporting documents, the Head of School will review your child’s application. We’ll proceed to place an offer, give reasons why we’re unable to, or put your child on our waiting list (if there aren't enough spaces available).
Step 5


You may apply at any time in the year at the British School of Guangzhou. Our Admissions team will review your child’s application to determine if our school is mutually the optimal fit for your child.
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Our team is happy to help with any questions you have about applying.
When you apply, don’t forget to prepare your
  • Online application
  • Passport copies
  • Past school reports
  • Signed conditions and declarations form
  • Application fee
Apply Now
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At the British School of Guangzhou, our tuition fees reasonably reflect the premium, personalised education we provide. We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art facilities, a multitude of after-school activities, and highly qualified teachers – among other stand-out features – to give our students first-class opportunities to excel and achieve their best.

Discover all the information you need to enrol your child at our school, including full clarity on the payments required.
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  • I’m applying from overseas and my child can’t attend BSG’s assessment. What should we do?

    No problem. Parents applying from overseas can send copies of their child’s latest academic transcripts (typically, only for children aged 6 or above). Depending on the information provided, BSG will reply with three possible outcomes:

    • In very exceptional circumstances, BSG accepts the child unconditionally. This is mainly limited to native English speakers with outstanding academic transcripts or references, normally from school with the English National Curriculum.
    • BSG sends an online link for the assessment. The child will sit in a controlled environment, either at their current school or at home. BSG may grant an admission offer based on the test results. 
  • Can my child enrol at BSG throughout the academic year?
    Yes, we accept students any time. We give special attention to new children to ensure they feel welcomed and integrated into their class.
  • Is the curriculum taught at BSG recognised by other international schools and universities?
    Yes, BSG follows the English National Curriculum, as delivered by top UK independent schools. In consideration of our location within China, we’ve modified the curriculum slightly, also in respect to the international nature of our students. Students attending our school will have their qualifications recognised and accepted by other reputable British and international schools as well as universities worldwide.

    BSG is a member of the Nord Anglia Education family of international schools and an active member of reputable international school associations, such as COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and CIS (Council of International Schools). BSG is also fully licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. 

    Additionally, our SAT, IGCSE, and A-Level examinations are fully recognised and accredited by the same Examination Boards as other top UK private schools – both in the UK and internationally. These Examination Boards include the Cambridge University International Examination Board (CIE) and Edexcel.
  • My child has very limited English. Can we still apply to BSG?
    Yes, we accept students with English as an Additional Language (EAL) needs, as we offer a strong EAL program.

    The demands of the level of English increases at BSG with the age of the child – typically being less demanding during Early Years and more demanding as students move into the Secondary year groups. We become more selective from Year 10 and above, as the curriculum requires a strong English level. However, we still can support students with EAL needs, even at the time of preparing for IGCSEs.
  • How many hours of instruction in Mandarin do you offer each week?

    BSG is committed to providing a strong Mandarin programme within the time constraints we have from the English National Curriculum.

    We differentiate our Mandarin classes by levels of ability:

    • Years 1–3 receive four 40-minute lessons per week 
    • Years 4–6 receive three hours per week
    • Secondary school students may opt to study another language in place of Chinese.
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We’ll take you for a tour of our South Lake or Olympic Park campus, or you can arrange for a virtual discovery meeting to take the first step in your child’s most exciting learning journey. We look forward to meeting you to discuss what makes BSG special.

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