• As a parent, how can I get involved in the school community at BSG?
    Our parent community is supportive and connected. We have wonderfully supportive parents at BSG, who are active through the Parent Support Group (PSG). The PSG has a warm and vibrant ‘welcome committee’ for new families and parents. The parents of the PSG also serve as class representatives, helping to organise events such as celebrations of International Day and supporting charity events organised by Community Partnership, a charity and service group at BSG.
  • When was BSG founded?
    The British School of Guangzhou was established in 2005 for students aged 1 to 18. BSG has been at the forefront of international education in China and has been a hub for almost 4,000 students with alumni spread across the world. 

    We’re also part of Nord Anglia Education's global family of 81 international schools that educate more than 74,000 students across 32 countries, including major global cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, China, and Southeast Asia.
  • Is BSG accredited?
    Yes, the British School of Guangzhou is a fully licensed international school, approved by The Guangdong Education Commission and The Chinese Ministry of Education.  

    BSG is a member of CIS (Council of International Schools) with full accreditation, and a member school of FOBISIA (Federation of British International School in Asia) and ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools).

    We’re an approved Cambridge International Examinations Testing Centre and Edexcel Testing Centre, which authorise BSG for IGCSE and A-Level examinations. We’re also an authorised College Board SAT Testing Centre for students wishing to take these tests to attend US universities.
  • What activities can my child take part in after school at BSG?
    We offer a wide-ranging programme of extracurricular activities known as After-School Activities (ASAs) for students from Year 2 to Year 13 to enhance their learning and development. Clubs and activities offer the chance for children to take on new challenges, work with different people, and develop their confidence and self-esteem. Our ASAs encourage independence, perseverance, and commitment.

    At BSG, we offer a broad mix of ASAs, including a range of sports (both individual and team) and the arts (such as music, choir, drawing, drama, and orchestra). If our students want greater academic challenges, they can develop their language skills, join a science club, or participate in Mandarin Club. The precise mix of activities varies each term, but there’s plenty to broaden children’s minds and develop their skills. 

    ASAs are teacher-led, free of charge, and run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm over eight weeks each term. Bus services for children attending ASAs are moved to 4:00 pm. 

    Additionally, we offer Academy Programmes as great opportunities for students to try something new and discover talents in areas they didn’t know existed or to improve skills they already have. Our BSG Academy is optional to join, has an extra cost, and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm.
  • Does BSG offer transportation services?

    Yes, BSG has a comprehensive bus service and ensures children spend the least amount of time possible travelling to and from school. We run a safe and efficient bus service with over 50 routes covering the major residential compounds of Guangzhou, often created or adapted to provide maximum flexibility. All bus routes are monitored by teachers and supervised by a Bus Supervisor, who ensures rigourous Health and Saftey procedures. Senior staff additionally check to ensure safe operations.

  • What curriculum does BSG follow?
    BSG follows the English National Curriculum, as delivered by top UK independent schools. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that soundly develops students’ skills and knowledge across different subject areas. We have adapted our curriculum to cater to the international nature of our students and our location within China.
  • Which classes are taught in English?
    BSG delivers its curriculum in English. For students to be academically successful, they must have a sufficiently high level of both written and spoken English. The demands on the level of English increases with the age of the child; typically being less demanding during Early Years and more demanding as children move into Secondary School. BSG also provides languge support to ensure a smooth transition for our new students.
  • What foreign languages do you teach at BSG?
    At BSG, all Early Years and Primary students learn Mandarin from day one. This allows them to better relate to the life they see around them every day in China and to make the most of opportunities to interact with their host culture. 

    At Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9), students choose one language from Chinese, French, or Spanish and follow a course based on the English National Curriculum, which develops the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Whenever possible, we take every opportunity to discuss the cultures of the countries where the languages are spoken. Studying a second language becomes optional from the IGCSE years.
  • Do you have qualified teaching staff?
    The British School of Guangzhou (BSG) hires only highly qualified, motivated, and experienced staff who develop young minds and help ensure our students become skilled and creative thinkers. The majority of our teachers are from the UK, with a few specialists from other countries, as well as a strong Chinese team teaching Mandarin.
  • Are the qualifications obtained at BSG recognised and valued worldwide?
    Yes, students attending BSG will have their qualifications accepted by other reputable British and international schools as well as universities worldwide.
  • How will BSG ensure my child settles in quickly at school?
    At BSG, we welcome students to join us throughout the academic year as long as there are places available in the year group. Your child will be assigned a ‘buddy’ to assist with their intergration into school life. The ‘buddy’ will accompany and guide your child throughout procedures for lunch and break times and give other helpful tips about school life. 

    What’s more, teachers and other staff are easily accessible, give ongoing support, and are always available to help.
  • Do you have a pastoral care system?
    Yes, we have a superb pastoral care system at BSG. 

    In Primary School, the class teacher assumes this role, leading assemblies and circle-time lessons. The class teacher is on hand for all students and monitors the group’s social development. 

    In Secondary School, each student has a form tutor, who is also responsible for delivering the citizenship and PHSE programme. Also, we have an Assistant Head of Secondary who oversees the pastoral care of students. 

    Additionally, our counsellors and advisors provide support to our students on their future careers and university entrances.
  • How do you encourage the development of future leaders at BSG?
    Our leadership programmes in Primary School include House Captains, the Student Council, and Playground Leaders, among others, which are roles that give students as young as six years old a voice and a sense of responsibility for their school. 

    Additionally, in Secondary School, the Student Guild, International Award, Model United Nations, and Head Student are some opportunities for our older students to develop as leaders.