02 February, 2024

Poetry by Year 5

Poetry by Year 5-Poetry by Year 5-Poem Year 5
Poetry by Year 5
Over the past three weeks, our Year 5 students have been immersed in the captivating narrative poem, "The Highwayman." by Alfred Noyes.

Our children have not only embraced the poetic verses but have also committed the poem to memory, infusing it with life through actions and gestures to enhance their recitation skills. In our English lessons, we delved into the realm of drama, utilising freeze frame techniques to grasp the concept of "Show, don't Tell" in order to vividly express character emotions. This understanding seamlessly transitioned into their writing, where they skillfully described settings and characters using the same principle. Figurative language played an important role, as the students experimented with similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, and personification. As a culminating activity, the children showcased their creativity by retelling the famous poem from the perspective of Tim the Ostler. The resulting poems are truly outstanding, and we are excited to share these fantastic pieces with you.

The Year 5 Team