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11 October, 2021

Science Week Highlights

scienceWeek 5
Science Week Highlights During Science Week, students focused on "Earthquakes". In addition to Science lessons, students learnt about and undertook various activities and projects related to earthquakes in different subjects.

Every year at BST we organize a Science Week where students study a single theme in different contexts. This year the topic was "Earthquakes".  In addition to Science lessons, students learnt about and did interesting activities related to earthquakes in different subjects. For example, in Geography they learnt tectonic plates and how their movement causes earthquakes. Furthermore, students investigated how likely is to have an earthquake in Uzbekistan and Central Asia region. In History lessons, they learnt about earthquakes in Uzbekistan and specifically the Tashkent earthquake that happened in 1966. Also, they learnt about other strong earthquakes in history. In Business classes, they focused on risks of investing in highly seismic regions, and they had to make smart decisions in which business to invest. 

But the main event was our STEAM challenge. During Science Week, BST Secondary students worked on the "Earthquakes" theme and had to build earthquake resistant buildings. By following engineering design processes in teams of 3, students first researched the causes of earthquakes. They then identified the scientific and engineering principles behind high and durable structures. The next stage was to design and build the highest possible building with limited resources provided by the Science Department. On Friday we held a competition and tested students' buildings on a specifically designed robotic "Shake Table" and chose winners from amongst the highest and most durable towers.