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29 February, 2024

The British School of Tashkent teachers will join the world’s best to explore the future of education

The British School of Tashkent (BST) will meet with the most outstanding minds in education, at a global Nord Anglia Education conference in Vietnam.
In March, more than 200 international educators from 15 countries around the globe will descend on Hanoi, Vietnam to innovate, problem solve and brainstorm at one of the world’s largest academic conferences.

Hosted by Nord Anglia Education schools, the British International School Hanoi and the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, world-leading education experts will discuss the exciting future of education, including how to enhance the educational journey for children using AI in education.


Principal from The British School of Tashkent, Dr. Andre Nel, emphasised the importance of global learning and teaching collaborations, to ensure children continue to experience an outstanding education that prepares them to thrive in life.

“Through collaborative learning and teaching partnerships within Nord Anglia Education, we cultivate a dynamic learning environment where educators inspire and support each other's growth. When educators come together in a collaborative effort to achieve a shared goal, the dynamic can inspire greater creativity and productivity for the individual schools and the company as a whole.” Dr. Andre Nel said.

“This will typically lead to better results especially when it comes to teaching and learning. If collaboration happens the way it’s intended, it can lead to amazing things. When everyone is equally dedicated and involved in doing their part in a team, work is easier for everyone. When every member of the team is goal-oriented, they will work more efficiently, come up with better ideas, and try to avoid mistakes.”

Dr. Andre Nel concludes, “This translates into enriched experiences for our students at BST, where pupils benefit from diverse perspectives and innovative approaches, ultimately empowering them to become lifelong learners and realise their fullest potential.”


Special guest, Nord Anglia Education Chief Education Officer Elise Ecoff will also join from the United Kingdom, to discuss how AI in education will create an enriching foundation for children in around the world.

Other guest education innovators will meet with parents, students and the wider Hanoi community to share best practice, exciting new research and innovation in education.


Kari Ellis, Deputy Head of Secondary at The British School of Tashkent said a Nord Anglia Education conference is unlike any other learning and teaching conference in the world.

“At Nord Anglia Education, professional development is an important part of our professional growth. Whilst working for NAE, I have had numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and inspire alongside a community of dedicated educators from around the world, all committed to shaping a brighter future for our students at BST," Kari Ellis said.

The words of Henry Ford are fitting ahead of this exciting conference, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”