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A combination of personalised, continuous, and focused support during A-levels will see your child succeed both academically and personally at The British School Yangon. They’ll excel in their chosen subjects, enjoy outstanding after-school activities, and build their curiosity, confidence, and courage. All this comes together to ensure they’ll achieve at the highest level and be welcomed into their first-choice university.

Our A-level curriculum

In sixth form, our students delve deeper into their chosen subjects, and prepare for university by becoming specialists in their fields – typically studying four AS level subjects in Year 12 and three A-level subjects in Year 13.

As a small school, we truly tailor our curriculum to our students’ strengths and interests. We offer the full selection of A-levels: Art, Science, Mathematics, PE, Business, Computer Science, Geography, History, English Literature, Economics, and Psychology. 

We know that selecting the right courses can feel daunting, so we’ll also help your child choose the subjects they enjoy, that play to their strengths and passions, and that ignite all possibilities for their future.

A holistic approach

Although academic success is always important, we know that nurturing every aspect of your child’s experience will unlock their full potential. We’ll encourage them to learn beyond the classroom by pursuing their interests and transformative experiences, including trips and expeditions, service opportunities, and a huge range of after-school activities. 

Our students showcase their confidence and courage by taking on leadership roles in and out of school, too. Our bespoke 'Eclipse' programme encourages them to participate in a range of experiences at sixth form, enhancing the soft skills in high demand by today's employers. 

A-levels requirements

To begin A-levels, your child will need to have:

These requirements are guidelines, and we review each child’s application to our A-level programme on a case-by-case basis. Some subjects may be accessible to your child, even if they haven’t studied them before. 

Our approaches to A-level assessment 

A-levels span the final two years at The British School Yangon. Your child can choose from three possible assessment approaches, which vary by subject. Typically, our students complete an AS Level in one year, extended to an A-level in the second year (Option 2 below).

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

If your child chooses to be externally examined at the end of Year 12, they’ll receive an AS grade that gets recorded for their university applications. If they choose to continue any subjects onto A-level that aren’t examined at AS, then the grades on their university application forms will be based on what their teachers expect them to achieve at the end of Year 13.

As Yangon’s leading international school, we meticulously select the syllabuses that are best fitted to our students. Our subjects currently offer one of the following exam boards:

A-level grades

Your child will receive a separate grade for each subject they take. Their grades will be benchmarked using internationally recognised standards, with clear guidelines that explain the levels of achievement.

A-levels are marked on a grade scale from A+ (highest) to E (minimum required performance). There’s no A+ grade for AS Levels which run from grade A to E.

First-choice university destinations

We’re incredibly proud that every one of our inaugural cohort of graduates was accepted by their first-choice university in 2022. This resounding success really speaks to the high quality of teaching and learning resources at The British School Yangon. 


In our advanced, safe, and vibrant learning environment at The British School Yangon, we nurture each child's strengths and passions. We’ll unlock your child’s full potential and give them a glimpse into all of life's possibilities.

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