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At The British School Yangon, our primary school follows the English National Curriculum, adapted to our local context in Yangon, Myanmar. This approach will inspire your child to become a curious, confident, and courageous learner through different projects. They’ll think about topics from multiple perspectives and make meaningful connections across their subjects. They’ll also develop core numeracy, literacy, and social skills while enjoying exciting creative, technological, and sporting activities.

The English National Curriculum for primary school

Primary school at The British School Yangon is all about jumping into a vibrant learning environment that encourages curiosity and stimulates personal growth. We strike an important balance between the two. Guided by our talented teachers, your child will quickly learn not only to value their academic achievements, but to understand a bigger view of personal success that includes social purpose and global citizenship, too.

We apply the English National Curriculum to an international context in Myanmar and enrich it with many complementary, one-of-a-kind experiences, tools, and resources. And because we have the world’s best teachers, our students go beyond meeting the ENC’s standards.

We cover the core subjects of English, maths, and computing as the central part of our curriculum, and also integrate themes and topics across science, geography, art and design, and history, between Years 1 and 4. From Years 5 to 7, your child will have a defined timetable of subjects and will take their classes with expert teachers, preparing them for secondary school. 

As Myanmar’s leading international primary school, we also make learning a second language an important part of primary education. We’ll encourage your child to build a high level of fluency, so they’ll gain many academic, personal, and cultural benefits. 

Discover our primary school subjects

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Beyond the classroom

The British School Yangon is a place where we make memorable childhoods. Our one-of-a-kind experiences broaden each child's unique understanding of the world. 

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom; it also takes place on the sports field, on our theatre’s stage, through a community service project, and during extracurricular activities. We’ll give your child a broad and balanced education – with a glimpse into all of life's possibilities.


Through one-of-a-kind experiences at The British School Yangon, we’ll broaden your child's unique understanding of the world and nurture them to take on life with great curiosity, confidence, and courage.

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