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At The British School Yangon, our international preschool creates memorable childhood experiences that will nurture your child’s love of learning. All pre-nursery, nursery, and reception children discover, experiment, and learn through play, following the British Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Every day is packed with lots of socialising, storytelling, reading, maths, outdoor fun, and more. And our holistic approach will build your child’s love for school, where they'll hit important marks of growth and embrace a journey shaped by their strengths and curiosities.

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An introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum

Our early years curriculum will get your child ready for primary school, by building a powerful foundation of knowledge and skills for future progress. We apply the English National Curriculum to our context in Yangon, Myanmar, so learning truly comes to life for every child.

In the advanced learning environment at our international school, your child will build the skills and abilities in each of the EYFS’s seven areas of learning.  

How your child will grow

Here’s a quick glimpse into some of key areas of growth.

Communication, language, and literacy 
We will guide your child through these important areas, so they will l have a strong foundation to  flourish from. We spend lots of time on speaking, listening, pre-reading, and pre-writing, to ensure your child will embark on their primary school adventure with the confidence to freely express their thoughts and feelings.
We will introduce your child to important areas of maths, as they get ready to use numbers. From practical activities to using simple mathematical language, we’ll encourage them to make exciting connections to maths in the real world.

Understanding the world, alongside personal, social, and emotional development 
Through one-of-a-kind experiences, we’ll broaden your child's unique understanding of the world. We have many exciting activities in our playful environment, so they’ll build their understanding of things like people, the environment and the man-made world. 

And as part of their personal and social growth, your child will learn how to work, play, co-operate with others, and thrive in a group beyond their family.

Physical development
We’ll encourage daily movement for your child to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. Our physical development programme will help them build their physical control, mobility, awareness of space, and hands-on skills – in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our early years environment

Your child will always feel happy and safe at The British School Yangon. Our teachers shape an environment where they’ll be comfortable trying new things, stretching beyond what they know. We also build important social and emotional skills, like self-discipline and respect for others. 

Our brand-new, purpose-built early years environment encourages plenty of activity and free-flowing movement throughout the day. Students love our garden – it’s fun, interactive, and has many different pockets to explore. Your child will love to show-off their creativity and release their energy! 

We do this because we know that when our students feel content and connected, they become more relaxed. And this boosts their memory and overall learning. So we cover our classroom walls from floor to ceiling with their arts and crafts and language-based presentations, encouraging threads to the topics they’re exploring. And our delightful, ever-changing role-play area brings out everyone’s biggest smile, too.


In our advanced, safe, and vibrant learning environment at The British School Yangon, we nurture each child's strengths and passions. We’ll unlock your child’s full potential and give them a glimpse into all of life's possibilities.

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