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At The British School Yangon, we deliver an outstanding secondary education that will nurture your child for the future, as they pursue their strengths and passions. Following the English National Curriculum and IGCSEs, we’ll guide your child through a variety of subjects that will unlock their full potential. This includes specialising in their chosen subjects at IGCSE and taking part in exceptional sporting, creative, and service activities.
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Our secondary school education

Your child will follow the English National Curriculum, which culminates in IGCSE exams at 16 years old, before continuing onward to A-levels.

Our enhanced British curriculum applied in our local context in Yangon, Myanmar combines the highest standards of subject teaching with transformative learning experiences. Taking a holistic approach, we’ll build your child’s knowledge and grow the attributes they need to succeed at IGCSE level and beyond.

Key Stage 3 curriculum 

The English National Curriculum’s Key Stage 3 runs from Years 7 to 9. Your child will study English, maths, science, history, geography, computing, modern foreign languages, drama, music, art, and physical education. This will give them a flavour of what it’ll be like to study each subject at IGCSE level, helping them to make their choices at the end of Year 9.

Our students work with specialist teachers through each subject, who’ll encourage their participation, critical thinking, and independence. Our teachers make every lesson challenging and adapt them to different levels for students with varying needs. Your child’s learning will always be personalised. In every subject, our teachers will stretch your child where they need it, identify areas for growth, and establish clear goals. 

Project work is an essential component of our secondary curriculum, too. Your child will work both individually and in groups, building their collaboration and problem-solving skills. 

Key Stage 4 (IGCSEs)

Offered by Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel examination boards, our two-year IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme is rigorous, internationally recognised, and unique to Myanmar. The subjects we offer include specific international elements, shaped by specialists.

Your child will follow a personalised curriculum based on their academic strengths and interests, as well as their ambitions for the future. They’ll experience variety and depth, complemented by life-changing experiences beyond the classroom. 


Take an in-depth look at what your child will explore in each subject on our pages below.

Beyond the classroom

The British School Yangon is a place where we make memorable childhoods. Our one-of-a-kind experiences broaden each child's unique understanding of the world. 

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom; it also takes place on the sports field, on our theatre’s stage, through a community service project, or during other extracurricular activities. This ensures your child will enjoy a broad and balanced education – one that gives them a glimpse into all of life's possibilities.


In our advanced, safe, and vibrant learning environment at The British School Yangon, we nurture each child's strengths and passions. We’ll unlock your child’s full potential.

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