English is a core subject that forms a central part of our primary curriculum at BSY.
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Speaking and listening

Discussion and oral presentations are a core aspect of many lessons at BSY and play a crucial part in vocabulary development. We've designed lessons to encourage speaking and listening and often include opportunities for our students to present or perform using oral skills.


Reading supports learning across the whole curriculum, and we focus on fostering a love of books and literature among all our students. We teach the children how to read, beginning with their knowledge of phonics, and encourage them to share and discuss books.

We read in different ways at BSY, allowing students to develop reading habits that will remain with them throughout their school life and beyond.


Our English language lessons encourage students to express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they communicate with others about a range of genres. Students become enthusiastic critical readers of stories, poetry, plays, non-fiction, and other media texts.

They explore the structure of the language through grammar, punctuation, spelling, and handwriting. This helps them apply structure to their creative and imaginative ideas.

Students also sharpen their writing skills during regular “Big Writing” tasks of creating extended pieces of work. They shape some for final presentation in their writing portfolios.


Drama gives our students excellent opportunities for creative exploration, expression, and performance, while they understand contemporary and historical issues in an imaginative way.

We make drama an integral part of our English language curriculum, and it includes dramatic play, story enactment, imagination journeys, theatre, games, music, and dance. 

Through play and performance, students develop a sense of ease in public situations. They also enjoy playing a role in class assemblies and our annual production every year.


Primary school at BSY is all about jumping into a vibrant learning environment that encourages curiosity and stimulates personal growth.

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