Music is a universal language that inspires our primary students. Throughout the year, our exciting schedule of concerts and musical workshops at BSY give students opportunities to develop and then showcase their musical work and talent, in our school and in the wider community.

At The British School Yangon, we offer an extensive music programme that allows students to play in groups or sing in a choir. For those interested in taking their musical talents further, we offer individual music lessons for a range of instruments.

Individual Music Programme

Students with great interest in music can join the Individual Music Programme, where they receive individual music lessons in their chosen instrument(s) by a specialist teacher.


Singing is an important part of our music curriculum at BSY. It's an ongoing skill from Early Years through to Year 6, as students practice singing in every lesson. By embracing a vibrant singing culture, we hope all children experience the joy of singing individually or as part of a choir.

Our primary students sing in assemblies and perform a song for their parents as part of their class assembly. Every child also performs in at least one musical production throughout the year, where they learn all songs in the musical.

Ensembles and orchestra

Our students perform in ensembles and orchestra to further the skills they develop in the classroom. These opportunities create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among our students while they become better musicians and more confident performers.


Primary school at BSY is all about jumping into a vibrant learning environment that encourages curiosity and stimulates personal growth.

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