Our Information Communication and Technology (ICT) curriculum at BSY is based on the idea that learners have a 'digital life', current with technical developments in the UK.
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Our ICT curriculum has been fit for purpose in the 21st century classroom and offers students challenges through their interwoven digital lives - at school, at work, in social networks, through gaming, or during day-to-day activities, like shopping.

To help our students develop into effective, safe, and knowledgeable citizens, we guide them in discovering how to use tools appropriately for communicating, finding information, or solving problems. They learn how to use different hardware and software, such as using a wiki to share information or creating presentations of their understanding on a topic in history.

A high level of 'digital wisdom' helps our students decide how to use different technology in interesting, creative, and productive ways. This process of building digital wisdom is at the heart of ICT learning experiences.

Digital artefacts

BSY stays current with the newest changes in ICT and adapt our curriculum accordingly. This includes rapid developments in using different digital tools and resources that allow us to innovate, research, and generate knowledge. Through digital tools, we can create 'digital artefacts' like documents, presentations, programmes, codes, video and audio files, and images. Digital artefacts can combine through systems, like on a website with a presentation of text, photos, and videos.

Creating an artefact may involve computational thinking and an understanding of computer science and coding. We guide our students in building these skills, such as designing, developing, and creating a game by programming or developing an app.


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