Our drama curriculum in secondary school at BSY empowers our students to achieve their full potential and to make informed, responsible decisions throughout their lives.

A main aim of our drama curriculum is to develop students who can use their voice, movement, gestures, and facial expressions confidently. Through strategies of improvisation, acting, mime, and dance drama, students grow their personal and social skills while also building their insight and understanding.

Drama contributes in a unique way to the learning process. Its uniqueness lies in its immediacy and gives students a high amount of control over their learning as they manage information, make decisions, and solve problems. Drama draws upon their own experience of the world and then extends it. It activates feelings and the imagination, and it encourages creativity while allowing students to work both alone and collaboratively with others.

Drama is a powerful means of bringing knowledge to life, and it engages emotions and intellect. It involves attempts to explore, develop, and express ideas that help to make sense of reality.

Curriculum objectives

Drama develops students as individuals by:

Drama develops students as contributors to society by:

Drama develops students as contributors to the economy and environment by:


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