English plays a central role in education and society. At BSY, our high-quality English programme helps students speak and write fluently, so they can effectively communicate their ideas and emotions with others.
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Through reading in particular, our students have the chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Literature plays a key role in their growth, as reading allows students to gain knowledge and build on what they already know.

Throughout secondary school at BSY, students learn how to appreciate and understand increasingly complex texts, including Shakespeare, 19th century writers, and modern novels. Students go through regular testing on spelling, grammar, and end-of-unit tasks to continually advance and improve their skills. Through carefully planned lessons, our teachers cater to their abilities in the classroom and ensure every child can achieve their best.

Poetry helps students to appreciate how language can be used creatively, and they have fun learning how to respond to and write their own poetry.

We encourage students to read often and widely.  We encourage the understanding that reading is not only a pleasure; it also enhances vocabulary and written skills.

Students also practice their public speaking and presentation skills. By KS4, students become effective communicators with insightful, critical minds, ready to tackle the demands of the IGCSE and beyond.


We'll guide your child through IGCSE subjects that will unlock their full potential at BSY. They'll also take part in exceptional sporting, creative, and service activities.

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