In our history programme, our secondary students learn how  to take an active approach of asking and answering questions to gain deeper understanding of different times and places.

Years 7 to 9

During Years 7 to 9, our history lessons include research, role-playing/hot-seating, debates, art and design, and creative writing activities, such as poetry and short stories. Students work in groups to build their collaboration skills, alongside independent work.

Our students develop a variety of cross-curricular skills, such as analysis and interpretation, questioning, speaking, and persuasive writing. Historical topics follow the English National Curriculum and are varied, relevant, and stimulating.

IGSCE and beyond

Through our history curriculum, students explore some of the major international issues of the 19th and 20th centuries and examine in greater depth the history of a particular region.

IGCSE History focuses on gaining historical and transferable skills alongside knowledge. Students understand different historical concepts, like cause and consequence, and form an appreciation of how historical evidence can be used to present clear and logical arguments. History compliments other subjects like English, Geography, and Economics.


We'll guide your child through IGCSE subjects that will unlock their full potential at BSY. They'll also take part in exceptional sporting, creative, and service activities.

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