Mathematics is a creative way of thinking that applies to everyday life. Learning mathematics is about discovering where it has come from, why it's necessary, and how different cultures have contributed to mathematical knowledge.
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There are several key concepts that underpin the study of mathematics. At BSY, we focus our mathematics curriculum around four main areas of study. These are:

As a mathematical problem-solver, each student will learn and use skills like calculating, sorting, ordering, interpreting, evaluating, representing, analysing, and communicating.

Students will consolidate and further develop their mathematical skills from the previous year as they progress through our curriculum. They'll apply their knowledge to the real world.

We follow the English National Curriculum at BSY. We teach our students in differentiated groups, catering to all ranges of ability. Our students become experienced in taking an independent approach to learning in an innovative, exploratory manner.

We encourage our students to take risks and find strategies that deepen their understanding and passion of mathematics. Through a variety of activities, students practice at the appropriate level and work in pairs or groups to problem-solve.

Teaching and assessment

Our mathematics teachers inspire all students within a stimulating and positive environment. They assess students in both summative and formative ways. Students will also learn how to assess themselves to see how they're improving, and they'll gain and maintain confidence to help them to advance to their full potential.


We'll guide your child through IGCSE subjects that will unlock their full potential at BSY. They'll also take part in exceptional sporting, creative, and service activities.

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