Secondary PE energises our students. We give students authentic contexts to learn and challenge themselves through physical and interpersonal skills. They enhance their fitness and understand the role of maintaining an active lifestyle, in sport and life.

Your child will improve their knowledge, performance, and understanding through a variety of activities including:

The skills they will gain in lessons will sharpen their knowledge of strategy and tactics and help them transfer knowledge from one context to another, such as sport and recreational and outdoor activities. Students challenge themselves at their own level and build their confidence.

Students build their teamwork and communication skills in constructive and positive ways. They also support and encourage each other, so that everybody performs at their potential.

Our PE programme challenges students to step outside their comfort zones and take on new social, physical, and emotional challenges. 

Skills for life

Our PE teachers prepare students for life and teach them how to train themselves to keep fit and healthy. We encourage lifelong leisure and recreation. We also help students learn how to analyse physical performance, observing, assessing, and suggesting how to improve areas of weakness while praising strengths.

PE is a very enjoyable, challenging, and important subject that also nourishes psychological wellbeing and leadership qualities. 


We'll guide your child through IGCSE subjects that will unlock their full potential at BSY. They'll also take part in exceptional sporting, creative, and service activities.

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