30 August, 2023

ASC Term 1


Amazing Selection of After School Clubs at British School Yangon This Term


Offering Something for Everybody: BSY expands its ASC program.

Yangon, August 30th – At the British School Yangon (BSY), we believe that education extends far beyond the classroom walls. That's why we're thrilled to offer such an amazing selection of After School Clubs (ASCs) this term. With ASCs that span across disciplines and passions, we're setting the stage for students to explore, excel, and enrich their talents like never before.

From the sports field to the art room, the dance floor to the swimming pool, our ASCs offer something for everyone. It's a celebration of diversity, talent, and the spirit of exploration. 

This term, BSY has brought in outside instructors to offer even more variety and for our aspiring athletes on our competitive teams, professional coaching will provide the training and support needed to take them to the next level.

Here's what’s on offer at BSY this term:

Debating Society: Hone your public speaking and critical thinking skills in lively debates.

EAL (English as an Additional Language): Strengthen language proficiency through engaging activities.

Eco Club / School Garden: Learn about environmental sustainability and nurture our school garden.

Football: Train with experienced coaches to master the beautiful game.

Golf: Perfect your swing and technique in this elegant sport.

Gymnastics: Develop flexibility, strength, and grace through gymnastic routines.

Hip-Hop Dance: Groove and move in this high-energy dance style.

Myanmar Literature: Immerse yourself in the rich world of Myanmar's literary heritage.

Duke of Edinburgh: Embark on outdoor adventures and leadership challenges.

Karate: Learn self-discipline and self-defense in this traditional martial art.

K-Pop Culture: Explore the vibrant world of K-Pop through dance and more.

Lego Club: Build, create, and innovate with everyone's favourite building blocks.

Model United Nations: Sharpen your negotiation and diplomacy skills.

Netball: Work on teamwork and strategy in this fast-paced team sport.

Origami: Unleash your creativity through the ancient art of paper folding.

Primary Orchestra: Harmonize with fellow musicians and refine your musical talent.

Reading Club: Dive into captivating stories and ignite your imagination.

Rock Band: Unleash your inner rock star and jam with fellow music enthusiasts.

Rock Climbing: Conquer new heights while building strength and courage.

Storytelling: Develop the art of captivating storytelling.

Swimming: Perfect your strokes and dive into the world of aquatic fitness.

The Art Factory: Express yourself through various art forms and unleash your creativity.

Touch Rugby: Experience the thrill of rugby without the contact.

Ultimate Frisbee: Enjoy the fast-paced excitement of this unique sport.

Volleyball: Serve, spike, and score while learning valuable teamwork skills.

World Scholar's Cup: Engage in academic debates and expand your knowledge horizons.

Yoga: Find balance and tranquility through this ancient practice.

Zumba: Dance your way to fitness and joy with this dynamic workout.

At BSY, the aim is not only to foster academic growth but also to nurture well-rounded individuals who have the confidence to try something new and rise to any challenge. With the incredible range of ASCs this term, BSY continues to uphold its commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience to our students and families.

For further information on the After School Clubs and enrolment details, please reach out to the Head of PE, Mr. Bisht.