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Nord Anglia
04 September, 2023

BSY family fiesta


The campus came alive with excitement and laughter this past weekend as the annual BSY Family Fiesta took center stage. The event, which is now a tradition for our school community, offered a delightful mix of music, games, activities, food, and STEM demonstrations that catered to all ages. Like so many of our events, the Family Fiesta was a testament to the vibrant and close-knit community that makes our school so special.

The BSY Family Fiesta was well-attended by families, students, and staff members alike, making it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. From the youngest Early Years children to the oldest Secondary students, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the highlights was the wide array of games and activities organized and run by the teachers and students. From an obstacle course to ring toss and face painting, there was so much to do and enjoy. For the first time the event also featured STEM demonstrations put on by the folks at Engineering for Kids, allowing young minds to explore and learn about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in a fun and interactive way.

Foodies were not disappointed either, as there was plenty of delicious food available. From classic carnival fare like cotton candy, popsicles, and hotdogs to more international fare, there was a treat for every palate.

Reflecting on the success of the event, BSY’s Principal, Alison Fox, who was very disappointed to have missed the event this year, expressed gratitude for the incredible turnout and the strong sense of community on display. "It's heartwarming to see so many of our families come together to celebrate and connect. The BSY Family Fiesta is a testament to the wonderful community we have here," Alison said.

The day’s success was made possible through the hard work and dedication of the school's staff who organized and ran the event. Their tireless efforts ensured that everything ran smoothly, from the logistics to the entertainment.

As the BSY Family Fiesta came to a close, and families began to make their way home, many remarked on what a fun day it’d been and how much they’re looking forward to the next community event. It was a day that celebrated not just the school but also the bonds that unite the BSY family.

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped make the 2023 BSY Family Fiesta an afternoon to remember.